Private sector services

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Web portal and e-services

Slnee works on a variety of modern and advanced services for the establishment of digital portals for government and commercial entities, based on the best technologies used by the leading international companies such as Microsoft and Oracle (success partners), that are represented in the following services:

  • Design and development of Web portal
  • Content management and or development
  • Integration with internal systems
  • Developing mobile versions

All the services are delivered professionally and with competent. Through the Saudi and foreign hands of high efficiency and professionalism, we build on the high experience in implementing a huge number of government gates and work on its operation and continue to develop its services and the content contained therein and its continuous support.


Slnee, through the specialized IT Services Group, provides the services of establishing project management offices through which it is possible:

  • Manage portfolio projects by forming a team of program managers who have the ability to manage several related projects simultaneously and allocate resources to them.
  • Evaluation, control and follow-up of each project (cost, achievement of objectives and achievement of corporate strategies)
  • Project Support: Support and guidance to project management teams.
  • ...

  • Reach the desired goals
  • Satisfaction of stakeholders
  • Not exceeding the cost parameters and time constraints
  • Measuring the return effect
  • CV - EV - CPI - SPI High Maturity Ratio
  • Progress rate in the strategic plan
  • ...

Establishment of Project Management Office
ERP and Internal systems

Slnee develop systems and applications who they support the basic infrastructure needed to provide services that operated in a variety of environments and are connected to servers. Through which the employee or user can complete his daily work with ease and pleasure. Also that systems and applications provides analytical tools and decision support systems to help managers to track work and make important decisions.
We ensure connectivity and integration between different systems in the organization and the system.


Our goal is to achieve higher maturity levels of e-government transactions and to cooperate with these government entities to achieve the desired objectives. For example, aligning the business strategies and IT with the national transformation strategy to e-transactions, developing the information sharing methods, improving the use of resources and skills available. This is represented by the participation in the name of Saudi Arabia in (ODOO experience 2017) and participation in the GITEX 2015-2016-2017 event, which reinforces the policy and direction of Slnee in providing technical consulting services to work realistically away from theoretical complexity.

Consulting & transformation of electronic transactions
Developing Smart Phone Applications

We offer in Slnee the development and programming of mobile applications of all types. This includes us working on the design of screens in a professional and distinctive way, which ensure the high quality on all browsers and sizes.


Slnee provides maintenance and technical support services when any contracts are signed for a large number of governmental and commercial entities, which makes us distinguished in this field. We start the minute we receive the project our quality control in performance, and we offer the service either by e-mail or telephone, in addition to the possibility of providing the service through the use of the latest technologies such as remote access where the specialist diagnoses the problem and contribute to solve any issue with the customer directly.

Maintenance and Technical Support Services

Our Work

Slnee is a leading Saudi company in the field of information technology through its integrated services that meet the needs of the government sector and the business sector.

we aim at further partnerships and strengthening global trends with the major players in the IT sector in order to meet the needs in modern technologies and transfer them to Saudi Arabia.