Staff Tracking

Best Staff Mangement System ever

Staff tracking solution is completely integrated with ASIS Workforce and Access Control and operates without automatically rekeying of data. Staff tracking integrates with many of the Data Collection Solutions & Time Attendance ASIS Staff Tracking System will provide you with real-time staff tracking. The system consists of a web based application, RFID Reader and RFID Access Card or any other technology. It will log staff that cross designated access points. When a staff comes within range of the RFID reader at the entrance, the system will immediately identify them as to whom they are and can display their picture for visual verification.

  • Features:

  • Limit employee access to all areas of your operation or to specific areas only.

  • Eliminate unauthorized overtime and limit designated areas to authorized personnel only

  • Control admittance to secure areas of your company.

  • Lock out unauthorized personnel

  • Automate the Guard tour log process.

  • Seamless Integration – can be easily integrated to any Hardware Technology such as RFID, Biometric

  • Alert system can also be setup to cover many different situations such as Arrival Alert, Leave Alert, Restricted Zone Access Alert, Monitored movement Alert and Automatic Location Update Alerts.

  • Capable to capture an image and attach it to the event.

  • Detects if and how many people are inside a building or a controlled area.

  • Real-time location monitoring for any controlled person

  • Creates detailed reports

  • Can integrate with HR, Scheduling, ERP, Access Control or any other system.

Slnee Solutions

Facilitate the work at all levels

One of the most important needs for the institutional work that we provide in Slnee is the electronic archiving system, which converts all paper transactions into electronic transactions that facilitate the movement of transactions in accuracy, speed and security, compared to traditional slow paper transactions. The system also contains a special program to archive important and confidential documents, and a program to follow the movement of employees and traffic within the system, which ensures high control. It can also export transactions electronically, view transaction reports, manage users and manage their permission, and manage employee disruptions and delegation in a simple, easy and convenient manner.

The transactions generated by the internal entities are also recorded and it follows the referral, query and export movements of those transactions until they are terminated, whether by saving, withdrawing or rejecting.

The system also provides a range of queries, reports and statistics that help to accelerate, facilitate and follow up the completion of work at all levels.