Vistors Management System

Best of the best you will ever have

ASIS Visitor Management Solutions allows organizations to streamline the check-in process for visitors. Businesses can collect and easily recall real-time accurate data of current and pending authorized visitors and track visitor information to help monitor employee, visitors and facility safety. The ASIS Visitor Management application utilizes ID scanning, electronics signatures, pre-registration web portal of individuals, email notifications, and customizable printing of visitor badges.

  • Features:

    Appointment approval and rejections, Pre-registration of groups and individuals for one or multiple days , Email/SMS notifications on requests, approvals and rejections, Today's appointments and expected visitor, Visitor sign-out, Blacklisting of Visitors, Central visitor application to track current and pending visitors, Visitor and group registration, Work flow and permissions to manage visitor application, Overdue visit auto e-mail notification or Windows Notifications.


  • Visitor Photo Capture

  • Visitor/ contractor - badge / pass printing

  • Visitor badge designer

  • Visitor ID Scanner

  • Visitor Passport Scanner

  • Visitor Signature Capture

  • Visitor Business Card Scanner

  • Items carried in/out scanning

  • Handheld Barcode Scanner

  • RFID Technology

  • Biometric Fingerprint Reader

  • Access control system integration

  • Visitor self sign-in using touch screen kiosks

  • Business card scanning for speedy registrations

  • Multiple bar code support

ASIS Solutions

Facilitate the work at all levels

One of the most important needs for the institutional work that we provide in Slnee is the electronic archiving system, which converts all paper transactions into electronic transactions that facilitate the movement of transactions in accuracy, speed and security, compared to traditional slow paper transactions. The system also contains a special program to archive important and confidential documents, and a program to follow the movement of employees and traffic within the system, which ensures high control. It can also export transactions electronically, view transaction reports, manage users and manage their permission, and manage employee disruptions and delegation in a simple, easy and convenient manner.

The transactions generated by the internal entities are also recorded and it follows the referral, query and export movements of those transactions until they are terminated, whether by saving, withdrawing or rejecting.

The system also provides a range of queries, reports and statistics that help to accelerate, facilitate and follow up the completion of work at all levels.